The Golden Future Of IRA Investing

The Tax Payer Relief Act of 1997

made it possible for precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium to be added to IRA accounts and more and more Americans are viewing this as an opportunity to diversify their portfolio with physical, tangible assets that will serve as a safety net against inflation and economic instability.

One very popular IRA investment is gold.

There are solid reasons to see gold as a good investment for retirement. Though the price of gold has escalated to it’s current price of over 1700 per ounce, there appear to be further significant gains on the horizon based on the current efforts of the Basal Bankers.

The Basal Committee of Bank Supervision

was created in 1974 by the central bank governors of the group of ten nations.This group of banking authorities who are responsible for setting global banking standards, previously downgraded gold to a Tier 3 asset in the 1980’s. They are now seeking to move it to a Tier 1 asset. This is due the fact that investors world-wide have always considered gold to be a ‘flight to safety’ investment, even at Tier 3. This committee would like to make gold a zero risk collateral. When this is achieved, gold prices can conceivably soar over 2500 per ounce in the coming year.

A Business Insider Article,authored by Eric Zuesse states “Gold will officially become considered a “currency” again, at its new market-value, and no longer a mere commodity when the new rules become fully put into effect. The value of gold will likely soar because everyone will recognize that gold has been undervalued as a mere “commodity.” “This information has not yet been factored into gold prices”.

When the economy has taken a downward path

as it has currently, gold tends to remain strong and has shown in the past that it can continue to grow in value even after really rough economic times. Consider adding this valuable asset to your IRA and look forward to a more secure retirement.