Has Your Portfolio Gone Platinum?

Although gold and silver

are steadily growing in popularity with IRA investors there is another, more rare precious metal that can also be obtained in the form of coins and bullion. It has been on the rise and not only has value as an investment strategy but is used widely in manufacturing. We are referring to another valuable but less talked about investment asset, platinum.

Platinum, together with osmium ruthenium, rhodium, palladium and iridium,

make up the group of elements known as the (PGM) which stand for platinum group metals.
Platinum in different forms is used in many applications such as automobile parts, electronics, glass systems, oil refining, medical equipment, chemical processing, jewelry making and of course, coins and bullion. Platinum has found a permanent place in many important areas of modern technology and production.

Historically, gold has rarely traded higher than platinum.

Since the 1990’s,platinum has very often cost twice as much as gold. Platinum is currently trading at more than $1600 per ounce and due to other forms of currency continuing to lose value worldwide, is positioned for significant gain.

According to respected senior analyst Jon Nadler,

“Platinum is the safer play. We could see $2,000 an ounce platinum before the end of the year.” While gold and silver will continue to be in demand as a hedge against inflation economic insecurity and worldwide financial uncertainty, platinum is well worth considering as a timely and lucrative addition to your precious metals IRA investments.