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Here’s To Your Golden Years


What is the best investment for your retirement portfolio?

After putting in many years of work for one company, most people are happy to retire and live off of their savings while enjoying the different things that they could not previously enjoy in life. Retirement time is the time you have to be at ease after being a working, productive member of society for many years. However, many people unfortunately don’t get the chance to fully enjoy themselves during retirement. With financial obligations such as mortgage payments, family expenses, and children’s college education, a lot of retirees are finding themselves without savings, even after they have had the same career for so many years. Also, you can quickly blow through your savings after retiring, since you will still have living expenses to cover. If you have become in poor health, then a lot of your savings will go towards medications and treatment. But there is a way to secure a good amount of money for your retirement, and that is by investing in gold.

Gold is and has always been one of the most valuable metals.

Gold is used in the most expensive jewelry, and many go through great lengths to mine for gold and to obtain gold. This precious metal is one that you can actually profit from. Gold deposits have remained constant over the years, even with the gradual decline of the economy. The best way to make a profit off of gold is to start an Investment Retirement Account. An Investment Retirement Account can easily become a Gold Investment Retirement Account. The purpose of this account is to make deposits into the account. As the value of gold increases, then so will the value of the account. Investing in gold and using an IRA is quite possibly one of the easiest ways to make money. It is especially perfect for retirees or people who are planning to retire. It doesn’t require a lot of effort on the individual’s part. The amount you make is solely determined by the rising value of gold, which only continue to go up. No matter what happens to the economy, the value of gold will continue to rise.

You don’t have to limit your investments only to gold.

Silver, platinum, palladium, and all other types of precious metals are viable and profitable investments. Instead of a retirement plan, you can start a Gold 401K or a Silver IRA. If you already have a 401K, you technically can’t own precious metals, but by transferring the 401K to the IRA you can buy precious metals. You can then make the investments you need and watch the money come in. This is one of the most secure and surefire ways to build a retirement fund. With a gold retirement fund, you can ensure yourself a good retirement in which you are financially stable.

The Best Place To Buy Gold And Silver

Take The Fear Out Of Retirement With Wise Investing

The unfortunate truth

for many people trying to survive in these uncertain economic times is that they are approaching retirement age without an adequate financial safety net.

According to a recent Wells Fargo client survey,

the retirement future of many Americans looks bleak. Some of the results of that poll are:

  • More than half not yet retired Americans (53%) do not think they will have enough retirement savings to live the retirement lifestyle they want.
  • 30% of Americans say that in living comfortably in their retirement will require working until they are at least eight years old, though 73% of them say that their employers would not want workers in their 80’s.
  • Seventy percent of those questioned say they will continue to work when retired, 39% say it will be financially necessary.

    Now is the time to make your certain that the value of your retirement investment is not based on the economic fluctuations of paper based assets. A safer option is to diversify and increase the value of your portfolio by investing in precious metal IRA’s such as gold and silver.

    A physical precious metals IRA

    offers same the security and safety of a traditional IRA such as deferred income tax or avoidance of capital gains tax. These are physical metals IRAs. They allow you to store your money in the form of bullion, a tangible asset which is a safe hedge against inflation and other financial risks. Gold, silver and other precious metals have steadily gained in value since 2001 and all signs indicate they will continue to do so. Not so for paper currency which continues to lose value.

    With a physical metals IRA

    you can protect against not only inflation and the weakening dollar but rising interest rates, bank defaults and the volatility of stocks.
    If you are considering a retirement investment, don’t wait. Now is the time to begin securing a worry-free future.

The Golden Future Of IRA Investing

The Tax Payer Relief Act of 1997

made it possible for precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium to be added to IRA accounts and more and more Americans are viewing this as an opportunity to diversify their portfolio with physical, tangible assets that will serve as a safety net against inflation and economic instability.

One very popular IRA investment is gold.

There are solid reasons to see gold as a good investment for retirement. Though the price of gold has escalated to it’s current price of over 1700 per ounce, there appear to be further significant gains on the horizon based on the current efforts of the Basal Bankers.

The Basal Committee of Bank Supervision

was created in 1974 by the central bank governors of the group of ten nations.This group of banking authorities who are responsible for setting global banking standards, previously downgraded gold to a Tier 3 asset in the 1980’s. They are now seeking to move it to a Tier 1 asset. This is due the fact that investors world-wide have always considered gold to be a ‘flight to safety’ investment, even at Tier 3. This committee would like to make gold a zero risk collateral. When this is achieved, gold prices can conceivably soar over 2500 per ounce in the coming year.

A Business Insider Article,authored by Eric Zuesse states “Gold will officially become considered a “currency” again, at its new market-value, and no longer a mere commodity when the new rules become fully put into effect. The value of gold will likely soar because everyone will recognize that gold has been undervalued as a mere “commodity.” “This information has not yet been factored into gold prices”.

When the economy has taken a downward path

as it has currently, gold tends to remain strong and has shown in the past that it can continue to grow in value even after really rough economic times. Consider adding this valuable asset to your IRA and look forward to a more secure retirement.

Has Your Portfolio Gone Platinum?

Although gold and silver

are steadily growing in popularity with IRA investors there is another, more rare precious metal that can also be obtained in the form of coins and bullion. It has been on the rise and not only has value as an investment strategy but is used widely in manufacturing. We are referring to another valuable but less talked about investment asset, platinum.

Platinum, together with osmium ruthenium, rhodium, palladium and iridium,

make up the group of elements known as the (PGM) which stand for platinum group metals.
Platinum in different forms is used in many applications such as automobile parts, electronics, glass systems, oil refining, medical equipment, chemical processing, jewelry making and of course, coins and bullion. Platinum has found a permanent place in many important areas of modern technology and production.

Historically, gold has rarely traded higher than platinum.

Since the 1990’s,platinum has very often cost twice as much as gold. Platinum is currently trading at more than $1600 per ounce and due to other forms of currency continuing to lose value worldwide, is positioned for significant gain.

According to respected senior analyst Jon Nadler,

“Platinum is the safer play. We could see $2,000 an ounce platinum before the end of the year.” While gold and silver will continue to be in demand as a hedge against inflation economic insecurity and worldwide financial uncertainty, platinum is well worth considering as a timely and lucrative addition to your precious metals IRA investments.